Office Depot Chamber Program


Why should I join?

It’s never been a better time to sign up for the National Chamber Program with Office Depot.

Our program discounts are stronger than ever:

  • A straight 5% discount on EVERYTHING Office Depot sells-no more searching through stores or online for items in the program
  • Deeper discounts on the items you purchase most often:
      o  15-30% off Copy Paper, Ink, Toner, and General Supplies
  • A stronger retail presence-you will save money on every purchase you make
  • An enhanced ordering process-easier to access program discounts both online and in stores
  • Next Day Delivery (in all major markets) and Free Shipping for all orders over $50
  • Coupons, catalogs, and exclusive offers, to help maximize your savings
  • Supports your Chamber of Commerce

    Comparison with the old program:



    Core list with discounts off list price

    Core list with deeper discounts off of retail price on what you buy most frequently

    10% off 5,000 items

    5% off of 100,000+ items

    Fixed core pricing list

    Regionally competitive pricing-discounts off of your regionally lowest retail price

    Tiered discounts off large orders (1-2% savings)

    Discounts of of orders of all sizes-at least 5%

    Minimal in-store program presence

    Over 98% of everything Office Depot sells is discounted to us through the program

    Shipping free on orders over $50

    Shipping free on orders over $50

    Shipping $5.95 on orders under $50

    Shipping $5.95 on orders under $50


The Chamber is always looking for ways to save our members money and improve their bottom line. Interested in learning more?

Contact your local
Office Depot representative:

Anita Aguilar  (630) 234-0763   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it